"I worked with Rob on an incredibly difficult project, a single take 84 minute feature film that took place in a variety of different environments:  indoors, outdoors, a dinner party, a loft party with live music blaring and an extended rooftop scene that offered wind and all kinds of ambient noise.  Robert rose to the challenges, knew what to do to and stayed patient when things didn't go to plan.  When it came time for post, our sound designer said, 'Thank whoever did you location sound.  They gave me great stuff to work with.'"

- Dave Rosfeld  (Director- "3 People I've Never Heard of"

 "Rob was recommended to me by a mixer buddy; the audio that came back on that job was near flawless. I'm confident to send him out on any gig that comes along."

-Julienne Guffain  (Post Production Sound Mixer- "Outliving Emily") 

 "I have worked with Rob Albrecht on two of  my feature films, and he's the best sound guy I know.  And he's a pleasure to work with.    Everyone on the crew  would echo those sentiments.  I plan to work with him on all my future films."  

- Alan Brown (Director- 'Private Romeo', 'Five Dances') 

"I love working with Rob's audio. He has great attention to detail in the field and knows what I need during the mix. This makes him an invaluable member of the audio team from production all the way to post."

- Mark Corbin (Post Production Mixer- "Private Romeo") mark@corbinsound.com

"Robert Albrecht has worked for me as location sound mixer in varied and challenging situations:  Multi-camera, live show, noisy interior, intimate dialogue, and the streets of New York.  The results have all been great; working with him is a pleasure and he inspires confidence.  His work recording a great sax player, improvising all day in a noisy NYC park, was brilliant, perfect.

– Martha Pinson   (Director- It's Not Saturday) 


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