I work with all budgets and genres. Whether a corporate sit- down interview, a run and gun documentary/reality style shoot, a multi-character dialogue-driven scene, or pure action sequence, interior or exterior, no environment is too challenging to give you the quality professional sound recording you are looking for.

Punctual, courteous, team player, laid back, easy going but decisive and quick-thinking, I approach ALL productions with the same level of professionalism, from student films to corporate videos and everything in between.

I work smoothly and stealthily among cast and crew and communicate effortlessly with the director to bring his/her vision to life. 



• Location sound mixer- “Bloodbath Test” (Hermanos Forte, 2009)

• Location sound mixer- “Uncle Melvin’s Apartment” (Weintraub Films, 2009)

• Location sound mixer- “SubHysteria” (Leonard Zelig,  2010)

• Location sound mixer- “Afghan Hound” (Brian  Alessandro, 2010)

• Location sound mixer- “Private Romeo”  (Alan Brown,  2010)

• Location sound mixer- “Kaleb” (Kervens Barthelemy,  2010)

• Boom operator (NYC crew) - “AmeriQua” (Jabadoo/ Maninhat, 2010)

• Boom operator - “The Normals” (Kevin Connor, 2012)

* Location sound mixer, "Death of a Tree" (John Martoccia,  2015)

• Location sound mixer- “3 People I’ve Never Heard Of”  (Dave Rosfeld, 2011)

• Location sound mixer- “Five Dances” (Alan Brown, 2013)

* Location sound mixer - "Extinction: Patient Zero" (Joe Eckardt, 2012)

* Location sound mixer - "Dutch Kills" (Joseph Mazella, 2015)

* Location sound mixer - "From Nowhere (Matthew Newton, 2015)

* Location sound mixer - "The Passing Season (Gabriel Long, 2015)

* Location sound mixer - "Translucido (Leonardo Zelig, 2015)

*Location sound mixer - "Karma Club" (Kevin Porter Young, 2016)

* B-Unit location sound mixer - "Soul To Keep" (David Allensworth and Moniere, 2017)

* Locations sound mixer - "No Alternative" (William Dickerson, 2017)

* Location sound mixer - "Who We Are Now" (Matthew Newton, 2017)

* Location sound mixer - "Endless Love of Salome" (Pierangeli Llinas, 2018) 

*Location Sound Mixer - "Among The Beasts" (Matthew Newton, 2021)


WHEELHOUSE COMMUNICATIONS LLC (2015-Present) - Dan Krystallis, dkrystallis@wheelhousecommunications.com 

VOYEUR FILMS (2013 - Present) - Alison Chernick, alison@voyeurfilms.net 

LIXI MEDIA (2014 -Present) - Alan Ginsberg, alan@alanginsberg.com 

STREAMBYTE TV  (2018 - Present) - Joel Rienstra, joel@streambyte.tv

MAGNET MEDIA (2019 - Present) - Hunter Young, hyoung@magnetmediafilms.com

JELLYFISH US LIMITED - (2021 - Present) - Alyssa Pulice, alyssa.pulice@jellyfish.com


* Location sound mixer for radio documentary series, “Listen For  Freedom”    (Philip Armand, 2006)

* Location sound mixer for documentary, “The Burning  of the Bronx” (Gretchen Hildebran,  2009) 

* Sound mixer for taping of off Broadway play, “The Man In Room 306”  (Martha Pinson, 2009)

* Location sound mixer for spec commercial, Jim Beam  (Point B. Productions, 2009)

* Location sound mixer for doc, “Fat Panic! Health,  Morality, and the ‘Obesity Epidemic’,  (Kathleen  LeBesco, 2010)

* Boom operator for reality show pilot, “The World of  Larp” (Victor Varnada, 2010)

• Location sound mixer for web segment, “Cinco de Mayo Recipes” (Food Network, 2010)

• Location sound mixer for children's puppet show pilot, "The Glamour Bees", (Michelle Fix, 2012)  

* Location sound mixer for feature documentary,  "Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony" (Laurent Malaquais, 2012)

* Location sound mixer for trailer for "Extra Innings", (Simba Productions, 2013)

* Location sound mixer for WALMART local spots, (V.I.M.B.Y. 2013)

* Location sound mixer for TRU TV's "World's Dumbest, Season 15 and 16", (Space Race Media, 2013)

* Location sound mixer for Cosmobody workout videos (Cosmopolitan and Hearst, 2014 - Present)

* Location sound mixer for documentary, "Bernice" (Kristina Sorge, 2014)

*Location sound mixer for docunmentary, "And Then The Climate Changed" (Jon Felix, 2015)

*Location sound mixer for TV mini-series,  "Where's The Bar (Season 3 Ep 1)" (Sawhorse Productions, 2015)

*Location sound mixer for feature documentary short, "Building Gnarvana" (Dev Aaron, 2016)

*Location sound mixer for feature documentary, "Itzhak" (Alison Chernick/Voyeur Films, 2017) 


• Location sound mixer- “Socks and Cakes” (Antonio  Padavan, 2010)

• Location sound mixer- "Perry Street" (Antonio Padavan,  2010)

• Location sound mixer- “The Memory She Carries” (Marcus  Sun, 2010)

• Location sound mixer- “The Cleaners” (Bad Babies Films,  2010)

• Location sound mixer- “Nice Not Meeting You” (Bindi  Patel, 2011)

• Location sound mixer- “Nevo” (William Djuric, 2011)

• Location sound mixer- “Outliving Emily" (Sean  Devaney,  Eric Weber 2011)

• Location sound mixer- “Mia” (Antonio Padavan, 2011)

• Location sound mixer- “Blackout” (Francisco Lupini,  2012)

• Location sound mixer- “It’s Not Saturday” (Martha Pinson, 2011)

• Location sound mixer- “El Caballero” (Xavier Santiago,  2011)

*Location sound mixer - "Loaded" (Andrea Williams, 2011)

*Location sound mixer - "Making Up and Out" (Ilya Zaslavskiy, 2012)

*Location sound mixer - "Sketch" (Stephen Barton, 2014)

* Location sound mixer - "The Bicycle" (Kari Swenson Reily, 2013)

* Location sound mixer - "Unrequited Love",  "Denial", "Future Assassin" (Yunus Shahul, 2013)

* Location sound mixer - "The Final Mission" (Winston James, 2016)

* Location sound mixer - "Soup" (Yang Wang, 2013)

* Location sound mixer - "The Lonely Cure" (Gall Friedman - 2013)

* Location sound mixer - "Speechless" (Joshua Payne - 2013)

* Location sound mixer - "Sunday Sunday" (Karen Teune - 2013)

* Location sound mixer - "TEST" (Jason Lifton - 2014)  

* Location sound mixer - "Strange Bedfellows" (David Diaz -2014)

* Location sound mixer - "Providence" (Michael Abbott Jr- 2015)

* Location sound mixer - "Mona" (Jocelyn Jacobs - 2015)

* Location sound mixer - "Composing Life (Jean Ann Garrish, 2015)

* Location sound mixer - "Behind The Burka (David Diaz, 2016)  

* Location sound mixer - "Here Lies Us" (James Rohan, 2016)

* Location sound mixer - "Wake" (Darin Guerasio, 2017)

* Locationsound mixer - "Existence" (Jeffrey Turboff, 2017)


• Location sound mixer for pilot, “Zoomersville” (Kerri Accardi, 2008)

• Location sound mixer for pilot, “Green Apples” (James Perkins, 2008)

• Location sound mixer for pilot, “Carlitos is Pissed” (Javier Perez Karam, 2009)

• Location sound mixer for pilot, “Shala High” (Ayinde Howell, 2009)

• Location sound mixer for pilot, “Chico’s Cherubs”  (Three Funny Toes Prod., 2010)

• Location sound mixer for on-going series, “Anyone But Me (3rd season)” (Tina Cesa Ward, 2011)

• Location sound mixer for on-going series, “Made By Hand” (Keith Ehrlich, 2011)

* Location sound mixer for web series pilot, "A$$HOLES" (Alex Kipp 2012)

* Location sound mixer for web series pilot, "Focus Group" (Kevin Haulihan, 2013)

*Location sound mixer - "Kid Friendly (Kristan Krall, 2015) www.kidfriendlyshow.com

* Location sound mixer for web series pilot, "Cooperation" (Andy Ferguson and Steve O' Reilly, 2014 -2015)

* Location sound mixer for web segments for MLB Fan Cave (New Wave Entertainment, 2013 - 2014)